More than one oil to meet a need


OLIVE oil may now have more competition from other oils than before. And a huge number of types and styles of olive oil from a wide range of producing countries can make the market look complicated.

But high-quality olive oil is still seen by many as the culinary oil gold standard.
Avlaki olive oil, pictured below, has just won two Great Taste 2014 awards – for its Agatheri finishing oil and Lesvos Groves everyday olive oil, both of which are organic.
And the firm is keen that retailers and consumers know that some oils are special.
“Unfortunately too many consumers and store owners – and even writers on food – still only think of olive oil merely as a fat and have still to learn that there are as many different oils as there are olives,” said Natalie Wheen, director at Avlaki Superb Organic Olive Oils.
“Different regions produce different results and different farmers produce different results.
“Good cooks will have a range of oils to hand to complement the dish.”
Retailers can educate the consumer and highlight what the oils can be used for, and if they have won any awards for taste, like Avlaki, she said.