Coke adds colour codes to packs


COCA-COLA is to adopt the UK government’s voluntary front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme.

The scheme combines information on nutrient amounts and percentage ‘reference intakes’ with colour coding to show how much fat, saturated fat, salt, sugar and energy (calories)are in a product.
Coca-Cola Great Britain which handles the global brand in the UK (where the products are made and distributed by Coca-Cola Enterprises) said it has long been committed to providing consumers with clear nutritional information and has featured guideline daily amount (now known as reference intake) labelling on the front of its cans and bottles in Great Britain since 2007.
The adoption of the voluntary, colour-coded, front-of-pack scheme in the UK is consistent with the company’s global commitment to provide consumers with transparent nutrition information on the front of its packs, it said.