Sofa nights set to snowball

Sweet treats, like snowballs and teacakes, go with movies, says Lees.

THE return of darker evenings and family-oriented TV shows will see an increase in big nights in, sweet treats maker Lees of Scotland says. And it reckons evenings on the sofa watching X Factor, or nights watching movies on TV, cable or on-line services provide perfect times for consumers to enjoy its products.

Sales director Bert Croll said: “Although the economy is improving, indoor socialising is still a growing trend and something that retailers can benefit from. Sharing packages like Lees Snowball tubs and the multipack Teacake and Snowball ranges are all excellent additions to the big night in.
“Consumers still like to buy affordable snacks to indulge in while watching the latest blockbuster as films have long been associated with confectionery.
“To make the most of impulse opportunities, snacks for big nights in should be promoted as affordable treats – something that consumers can pick up without feeling guilty.”