Searching for the very best

Sports TV presenter Georgie Thompson flew in to host the 2014 Scottish Grocer Awards. Next month we’ll launch our search for the champions of 2015.

IT will soon be one of the most important times of the Scottish Grocer year.

In next month’s issue of the magazine you’ll find the entry brochure for the Scottish Grocer Awards 2015.
Once again we’re on the lookout for Scotland’s best community stores, and the country’s best retailers and staff.
We’re searching for champions in independent stores throughout the country. We’re seeking businesses that are leaders in their local communities, great examples of responsible retailing and of sustainability.
New for this year will be the award for Store Manager of the Year. We’ll also, once again, be looking for stars on the shop floor with our Employee of the Year Award.
Awards for excellence in particular product categories include the Scottish Grocer Champion of Beer Award; the Confectionery Retailer of the Year Award; and the Collectables Retailer of the Year Award.
This year’s Dairy Award will be about milk and more with special awards for milk skills and for yogurt merchandising excellence.
With retailers playing such a huge role in the transformation to a modern, flexible post office system, we’ll be looking for the Post Office Retailer of the Year as well as the National Lottery Retailer of the Year, the Tobacco Retailer of the Year, and the Licensed Retailer of the Year.
So check it out in October. And make sure you get your entry brochure for the Scottish Grocer Awards 2015.