Scary cakes


SPOOKY cake bars and seasonal slices for Halloween and Bonfire Night are the McVitie’s Cake Company’s response to the growing interest in the two autumn festivals.

Established Halloween products McVitie’s Spooky Jaffa Cake Bars with special fillings, are back for 2014.
A McVitie’s spokesperson quoted Planet Retail figures showing that cakes accounted for £30m of the £135m spent on Halloween last year.
“With even further growth expected for the season in 2014, Halloween presents a great opportunity for retailers that shouldn’t be missed.”
The Jaffa Cake Bars, available from the beginning of this month, will have a promotional price of £1. Flavours include Spooky Orange as well as Lemon & Slime.
Nielsen measured the bonfire cake market as growing by 15% last year. That, says McVitie’s, was largely driven by the Tate & Lyle range, made up of the Bonfire Toffee Cake and the Sticky Toffee Apple Cake.
The products, which it says are the top two in the market, added extra sales, which led to 75% growth for the range.
For this year, the company is revamping the pack design for its Bonfire Cake range. An on-pack flash saying ‘Bonfire Bakes’ is intended to highlight the product’s seasonality.
Both varieties are available from the beginning of this month. RRP is £1.