Grown-ups say cheese

Adults look to the chiller cabinet, and to dried fruit, nuts and seeds, when they’re hunting down a snack.

Cathedral City’s snack pack contains cheddar, Jacob’s Cream Crackers and Branston Pickle.

ADULT nibblers are said to be looking beyond the crisp shelves for a savoury hit. Cheddar producer, Cathedral City, says that adult products now account for 9% of cheese snacking, with new consumers discovering the products and current shoppers buying more.

Adam Mehegan, shopper marketing director at brand owner Dairy Crest, said the company’s adult snacking products are “perfect for on-the-go consumption, as well as formats suited to the lunchtime meal shop mission”. Products include: Cathedral City Mature Snack Pack (an individually wrapped 50g portion); Cathedral City with Pickle (five Cathedral City sticks and Branston Pickle dip); and Cathedral City with Crackers & Pickle (four slices of Cathedral City Mature, four Jacob’s cream crackers, and Branston Pickle dip).
• Bel UK argues there are three proven successful styles of cheese snacks in the convenience channel: Mini Babybel, strings and dips. And it claims they’re not just for kids.
Steve Gregory, head of category management at Bel UK said: “Adult snacking is a growing opportunity for cheese brands, with 80% of adult snackers buying Mini Babybel according to Kantar figures. Convenience retailers can benefit from stocking a larger variety of flavours and formats to create additional interest in the snacks and spreads segment.
“Stocking a Mini Babybel sku means you are communicating on-shelf to children and adults alike, which is really important to generate wider growth in snacking.”

Whitworths has revamped its snack packs with a five-a-day message and a calorie count.

• Dried fruits, nuts, and seeds specialist Whitworths is repositioning its snack-size products to appeal to health-conscious consumers.
Catherine Hicks, marketing manager, explained: “The beauty of the category is its versatility – not only are portion and calorie-controlled pre-packaged snacks ideal for the perfect start to the day at breakfast, but they are also a great option for post-gym energy replenishment. Given the time-pressed nature of today’s consumer, this balance makes DFNS the perfect category for impulse outlets to stock.”
The company’s snack packs, RRP 45p, have been revamped and the three best-sellers made available in multipacks.
• Kerry Foods says that adults are attracted to chilled meat, cheese and pastry-based snacks. Richard Tyler, customer marketing controller, quoted Nielsen and Mintel research: “Mattessons is the number one meat snacking brand, with Fridge Raiders now worth more than £38m and growing by 3.7%, as 44% of consumers are keen to buy products that are naturally higher in protein.”
The company’s LowLow Snack Packs, with low calorie cheddar, toast and pickles, are aimed at women who regularly skip meals and want a healthy alternative.