Fast-moving security

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MOTHERWELL-based Tyger Security says that in the last three years it has seen vast increases in available securities technologies and in customer demand for them.

Some of the biggest advances have been in camera technology, where it sees the shift from conventional analogue technology to IP mega-pixel HD CCTV systems as on a par with the music industry moving from tape decks to digital recorders.
It still holds stock that allows retro-fitting for legacy-equipment customers but its standard installation is now in HD.
Image quality achieved by new HD cameras is around eight times greater than conventional equipment, the firm says.
HD cameras provide a larger picture and excellent zoom when rewinding, with less blurring. It’s an upgrade that can provide proof rather than doubt of whether a vehicle was scratched by a passing car, or a small, electronic item was pocketed or not.
As an SSAIB-approved installer it also supplies and fits alarm systems with police response. In keeping with its push to advance security through technology it installs Emizon alarm monitoring devices, which it says are the latest on the market for monitoring alarm systems and devices.
Emizon doesn’t require a redcare primary line like conventional redcare systems, so provides an immediate saving of around £200 a year plus VAT, the firm says. It can use an existing landline but the company prefers to utilise an existing internet connection that a customer already pays for.
Its Emizon system can also be configured in ways that allow the company to provide immediate remote engineer callout service.
Other technologies are being developed to act against established and evolving criminal behaviour.
Smoke bandits provide one example. In a confirmed burglary the smoke bandit fills a room or area with dense smoke that stops thieves being able to see what they are stealing and prevents them entering smoke-filled rooms.
The smoke doesn’t damage stock and disperses without trace or residue.
Mosquito devices emit a noise detectable by young people but not by others, to deter youth loitering.
Tyger Security says it’s committed to keeping up with latest security technology – from biometric door controllers to facial recognition CCTV systems – to meet the specific needs of customers.