Border takes the biscuit in new ads

It seems the astute ‘Border hoarder’ thinks of hiding biscuits in places her husband and children will never investigate – like the washing machine.

THE secret activity of biscuit hoarding is brought to light in the latest series of adverts from Lanark-based Border Biscuits.

The new print campaign is the largest to be undertaken by the company and is targeted squarely at its base of female shoppers.
The adverts, running in a number of glossy magazines, imagine the lengths people will go to in order to keep their biscuits out of the hands of greedy family members.
Using the strapline ‘Are you a Border Hoarder?’, Border Biscuits are shown stashed in a washing machine, a shoe cupboard and even an underwear drawer.
The advertising campaign also tells of how the biscuits have been baked in exactly the same way for over 30 years.
“Our customers are always telling us how much they love our biscuits and the lengths they go to in order to hide them and enjoy them,” said Louise Creevy, sales and marketing manager.
“We wanted the advertising campaign to communicate the brand’s personality and appeal directly to our core audience of female shoppers and we’re really pleased with the results.”