Highlighting the illicit trade threat

Campaigning against illicit trade includes news from Australia and work to increase reporting by legitimate tobacco retailers and others.

TOBACCO firms have been continuing work to highlight the amount and effects of illicit tobacco trading.

Imperial Tobacco launched the second phase of its anti-illicit trade campaign to the trade – called Suspect it? Report! – in the spring
Peter Nelson, Imperial Tobacco’s anti-illicit trade manager, said: “An essential tool to mount enforcement activity is quality, reliable, current intelligence.
“We encourage everyone who can make a contribution, no matter how little it seems, to report it either directly to the Customs Hotline or through their tobacco representative.”
Earlier this year a highly publicised JTI study showed that one in five of a sample of 27 venues visited in Edinburgh, including pubs and car washes, had contraband cigarettes for sale.
BAT and Philip Morris have both highlighted the stimulating effect on illicit tobacco trading that studies in Australia have found since the adoption of plain packaging.