Games plan is go! Are you ready?

Make the most of the Commonwealth Games with Scottish Grocer’s top tips.

Commonwealth cuisine
WITH 53 countries making up the Commonwealth, cultures from all over the globe will be represented at Glasgow 2014.
For retailers, that could provide the perfect opportunity to cash in on world foods by highlighting ingredients of typical Commonwealth meals.
As well as the usual techniques – using prominent point-of-sale material and ranging and merchandising products imaginatively – why not create your own recipe cards featuring products available in store?
Or you could pack bags with everything that a consumer might need for a Commonwealth cuisine ‘meal for tonight’ and make them available as a ready-to-use package for a set price?
Why not try some of our suggestions below?
India – Curry may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it can be relatively quick and easy for consumers to make, especially if they use ready-made sauces or pastes. Tandoori chicken, tikka masala, naans and other breads could be included in promos. And make the most of India’s other famous export by highlighting Indian specialist teas such as Assam and Darjeeling.
Canada – Cross-merchandise maple syrup with bacon, pancakes and ice cream.
England – Make the most of a freezer cabinet with deals on fish and chips, sausages, and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.
New Zealand – Suggest pavlova, said to have been invented by a Kiwi chef to celebrate a visit to NZ by Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. The summer dessert of meringue, fresh fruit and cream provides a great excuse to push sales of fresh berries.
Jamaica – Boost BBQ food sales by suggesting Jamaican jerk chicken and Reggae Reggae sauce. Ginger beer and mango juice could be highlighted on soft drinks shelves.
Australia – Australian-origin beer brands such as Foster’s plus the red and white wines of Oz could be highlighted on beer, wine and spirits shelves.
Scotland – Growing interest in local provenance appears to have helped boost sales of some Scottish products in recent years. The Scottish staging of the Commonwealth Games creates opportunities to sell even more Scottish lines.
Retailers operating at the heart of the cities hosting events will have opportunities to sell tourist gift lines such as shortbread, traditional Scottish sweets and whisky. But be aware of strict rules about mentioning the Commonwealth Games and using official logos.
Super snacks
As well as being broadcast live to millions of homes, Commonwealth Games events will also feature on big screens across the country.
Expect crowds at Edinburgh’s Festival Square where the big screen will showcase events, and at confirmed live zones in Glasgow at Kelvingrove Bandstand, Glasgow Green, and in the Merchant City.
If there’s a screen near your shop, perhaps you should create a picnic display area featuring soft drinks and snacks with particular emphasis on sharing bags.
More generally, crisps, confectionery, alcohol and barbecue products are all likely to be popular during the Commonwealth Games; be prepared.