The thrill of the grill

Scotty Brand’s new Scotch Beef Burgers are made with certified Scotch Beef, seasoned in one of three ways.

SCOTTISH produce specialist, Scotty Brand, has added Scotch Beef Burgers to its portfolio in time for the al fresco eating season.

There are three varieties, all made with 100% Scotch beef: Steak Burgers, Burgers with Pepper and Hot & Spicy Burgers.
All the burgers are made by award-winning Ayrshire butcher We Hae Meat and are, according to Scotty Brand, leaner than most other burgers on the market. “This lean beef ensures a much lower fat content, which means they will retain their weight and taste better when cooked,” a spokesperson said.
Scotty Brand burgers will be available in 340g pack containing two substantial burgers.
And sauce and condiment firms are becoming busy ahead of summer too. Baxters suggests its Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce appeals to customers who want the reassurance of a familiar brand. “The customer is now savvy to the versatility of sauces and marinades in cooking,” said a company spokesperson. “They aren’t simply looking for the traditional brown or red table sauces anymore, they are craving more exciting and adventurous world flavours as they grill.”
The company is reviving last year’s special editions, Extra Hot Habanero BBQ Sauce and Hot Pepper Steak Sauce.

Jack Daniel’s has brought back two of last year’s special varieties. Encona is advertising its Caribbean range on TV for the first time.

• Caribbean foods brand Encona is using its first ever TV campaign – on Channel 4, More 4 and the Good Food Channel – to promote its sauces for barbecues. There is also a limited edition Encona Brazilian BBQ Sauce launched this month, in time for the World Cup.