USA lighters coming to a counter top near you


AMERICAN lighter manufacturer Zippo has introduced a range of products designed for grocery retail outlets.

The range includes what the firm says are entry-level Zippo products suitable for impulse purchase, in packs that are intended to be easy to merchandise.
The Zippo all-in-one kit includes a brushed chrome windproof lighter, a tin of Zippo lighter fluid and a six-flint dispenser. The product comes packaged in a blister card pack ready to hang either behind the till or at the till exits. RRP is £19.60
The company says the Zippo brushed chrome windproof lighter sells three times more than any other Zippo lighter. Retailers who previously only sold lighter fluid typically get a 20% lift in lighter fluid sales once the lighter is added to the assortment, it claims
The self-display box of brushed chrome Zippo windproof lighters contains six hang tag blister packs which can be displayed in the box on the counter or hung in the gantry behind the tills. The company says case studies from Zippo North America show that adding a Zippo lighter to a store assortment does not adversely affect disposable lighter sales but is an incremental sale for the retailer. RRP for the Zippo windproof lighter blister pack is £16.25.