Jam today (and tomorrow)

90a_0713SWEET spreads are a “must-stock” for convenience stores according to Nigel Parrott of Hain Daniels, owners of Hartley’s, Gale’s, Robertson’s, Frank Cooper’s and Sun-Pat.
“A sweet spread such as jam is a ‘planned purchase’ – when consumers run out, they will plan to replace it during their next visit to a store, regardless of whether it’s a weekly supermarket shop or a top-up shop at a convenience store.”
Quoting Symphony IRI figures he said: “Stocking brands such as Hartley’s, the leader in jam with a 26% value share of the market, is key to satisfying this demand.”
He continued: “The category is no longer reliant on breakfast. Sweet spreads are used throughout the day, in lunches or light snacks. Many consumers are now using honey as an alternative sweetener in hot drinks, or eating it with yogurt as a healthier dessert.”