Unearthed deli digs up a new look

Mediterranean deli food brand unveils new design

Range photo of the revamped Unearthed deli selection.
Mediterranean deli foods brand Unearthed has unveiled its new brand refresh, complete with a new strapline, which rolls out from this month.

MEDITERRANEAN deli foods brand Unearthed has launched its biggest brand refresh to date as it aims to drive up further sales.

The brand refresh includes a full revamp on its packaging design as well as a new strapline across the range. The new look is set to roll out from June across the entire Unearthed range.

The new design features a wave graphic across the range, which was previously only used on the brand’s olives, to help improve stand out on shelf and make Unearthed more easily recognisable to shoppers.

Further to this, the brand’s new tagline ‘Bringing holidays home’ aims to give a greater emphasis to Unearthed’s ethos to bring the taste of holidays abroad into the homes of the UK.

Part of the Compleat Food Group, the Unearthed brand has seen a rapid growth in recent years which has seen it hit £40million in sales according to Circana data covering the year to 14 April.

Carrie Hollis-Patel, head of marketing at Unearthed, said: “Unearthed has had an incredible journey in recent years, growing from just three olive lines to a £40million brand with products across multiple categories.

“To mark this success, and build on it, it felt like the right time to refresh our visual identity to reflect our status as the leading brand in Med deli and continental meat.”

Building further on this rebrand, Unearthed has also expanded its portfolio to include a new collection of products including Nduja Arancini (£4.25) as well as a Torchon Ham with Herbes de Provence (£4.20) as well as two new anchovy recipes which includes Chilli Anchovies (£3.00) and Anchovies Provencal (£3.50) with peppers, onions and olives.

Hollis-Patel said: “Unearthed was born from a desire to bring the flavours and dishes we enjoyed on holiday back home to the UK and that continues to this day.

“These new products are just the latest example of how we are bringing new and exciting flavours and formats to the Med deli fixture and helping to drive wider category growth.

“Consumers love what Unearthed has to offer, and we’re excited to see where our journey takes us next.”