Soak up the end of summer sales with Innis & Gunn

Capitalise on elusive sunny days across category

Two cans of Innis & Gunn stand side by side against a green background.
Innis & Gunn reckons that retailers should match formats to consumer demands.

FITTING formats to the right occasion calls for some savvy retailing, especially when it comes to beers and lagers.

With a wide variety of options available in the category for consumers to take their pick from, it will all come down to the kind of occasion that they are looking to have.

If they are preparing for a party with friends then larger pack sizes should be the go-to. But if a quieter night in on the couch is planned then smaller packs or even individual bottles or cans will be in their sights.

And it’s the quiet-night-in customers that craft beer firm Innis & Gunn is keen to capitalise on for the last of the late Scottish summer and early autumn sun.

Being able to match consumer demands and expectations will be key for convenience, according to Innis & Gunn, which reckons more consumers will be willing to trade up to a more premium beer option in convenience if a smaller pack size is on offer.

As such, the firm has shouted out its four pack of Innis & Gunn pint cans as the surefire winner to match this consumer demand through the last days of warm weather.

Crawford Sinclair, commercial director of The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company, said: “Sales of beers are healthy and growing across this channel.

“One of the key trends is the move to the larger pint can format, which offers consumers better value and increased sales for the retailers.

“Premium four-pack pint cans are doing particularly well as consumers seek out better value for money and greater choice during the cost-of-living crisis.

“The squeeze on household incomes is leading to greater consumption at home this year as consumers continue to look to make saving where they can. Pricing is also important to remain competitive.”

To help get this impulse purchase in the beer category, Sinclair has urged retailers to ensure that there are plenty of chilled beer options for consumers.

This will be of particular use during this time of year when the last of the Scottish sun makes its rare and unpredictable appearances.

He said: “Summer is all about refreshment. Therefore, ice cold beers that are refreshing are crucial for that impulse/ready-to-drink purchase.

“with the increased opportunity for drinking and socialising outdoors, retailers should allocate enough fridge space to meet this demand and ensure that there’s variety in formats, such as multipacks.

“Keeping beer in fridges where possible will help increase sales across this channel, especially at this time of year.

“Our new pint can four-pack is designed to help retailers take advantage of this growing category.”