Sobieski brings a global option to vary it up

Experiment with choice for drinks

Polish rye vodka brand Sobieski in a 700ml bottle
Bringing in a more premium, global option to stores could help to tempt consumers to trade up, according to LMB UK.

TEMPTING consumers to add to their baskets can be a challenge in convenience, which makes new and exciting products a must-have for c-stores.

That’s the take from Jamie Stewart, commercial director at LMB UK, who has shouted out the firm’s new Polish vodka Sobieski to help tempt customers.

Sprinkling in new premium options could be a sure-fire way to drive up sales, Stewart reckons, and this will be particularly the case for the summer months.

As such, he has pushed retailers to stock up on Sobieski, which comes in a 700ml bottle at an ABV of 37.5% and an RRP of £16.

Stewart said: “In the drinks industry in particular, we’re still seeing the at home cocktail trend drive sales, particularly as the summer months approach and people plan barbecues and outdoor gatherings where they want to surprise and delight their guests.

“Our premium Polish rye vodka brand Sobieski is enjoying strong sales in the UK since we launched it a few months ago, driven by this demand for exciting new brands and a premium at-home experience.”