Evolution in the back office

TLM Tablet

TLM Technologies has launched a new cloud-based reporting and alerting application for convenience and forecourt retailers.

Launching this month, TLM’s evo+ is a cloud-based reporting tool with features including real-time updates, trend analysis, staffing and rota reporting, and alerts across multiple devices in any location as well as central reporting for multi-site retailers.

For fuel retailers, the new system also includes functionality such as wet stock monitoring, fuel specific alerts such as ‘pump not used for a defined time period’, and fuel price changes – all of which can be monitored from a retailer’s smartphone.

The new package can be integrated into TLM Technologies’ existing Oracle CFS EPOS system, and will also be available on TLM’s evoPOS EPOS system – set to launch soon.

Adrian Felton of TLM said: “We are really excited to bring this solution to market. With critical real-time data and rich reporting capabilities at their fingertips, our customers can take control of their businesses, getting right to the heart of what each transaction means for their stores.”