Parliament plans more restrictions

Aileen Campbell MSP, minister for public health and sport .

On the day the ban on selling nicotine vapour products  to under 18s came into force, public health minister Aileen Campbell said: “We know e-cigarettes are almost certainly safer than cigarettes and have a role to help people quit smoking, but we don’t believe children should have access to them – that’s why these age restrictions are so important.”

As part of the plan to shield children from e-cigarette and vaping products, the act that made the ban law also proposed a number of restrictions around advertising and promoting NVPs.

Proposed restrictions could apply to the use of NVP branding on products like caps and T-shirts and observers expect a ban or severe restriction of e-cigarette event sponsorship.

And regulations are likely to be introduced this year that will prevent the free distribution, or giving away, of NVP products or coupons including buy one get one free promotions or offers that heavily discount e-cigarettes or vaping products.

E-cigarettes are almost certainly safer but we don’t believe children should have access to them.

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation told its members: “The current ban on advertising NVPs only applies to TV, radio, internet, newspapers and magazines so you can still advertise NVPs at point of sale and in your shop.”
It continued: “The Scottish Government plans to introduce additional restrictions. Retailers are advised to be vigilant of future changes.”