Heating up the season

FIRELIGHTERS may have become increasingly important in summer as the barbecue habit has grown but Standard Brands, owner of Zip firelighters, says they have applications through the winter holiday period too.

Richard Harris, Standard Brands sales and marketing director said that from Bonfire Night and all the way through the colder months demand will continue from the increasing number of consumers with log burners and similar heating appliances. And he suggests that with more consumers carrying out major top-up shopping trips to c-stores, firelighters should be given prominent space in the run-up to and through the Christmas season.
“Zip High Performance Energy Firelighters 20’s PMP £1.79 and Zip Fast & Clean Wrapped Firelighters 16’s PMP £2.69 are the leading SKUs which we recommend retailers should stock,” he said.
There are also convenience lines – Zip Fast & Clean Wrapped Firelighters 16’s, Zip The Firelog 700g, which is being advertised on TV, and Zip Quickstart 150g Firelighters. The Zip products are available in shelf-ready packaging and small case counts.