Smoky twist to traditional flavour

HISTORY, tradition and innovation are said to have worked  together to  make John Ross Jr of Aberdeen’s latest product, Tea Smoked Salmon, an award winner.

The tradition includes  the smoking process, the historic brick kilns date back to 1857, but the fact that the salmon is smoked over Lapsang Souchong tea is very new.

John Ross Jr's Tea Smoked Salmon with Lapsang Souchong Tea

Tea Smoked Salmon was named Best New Retail Product at this year’s  Grampian Food Forum Awards.

Director Christopher Leigh  said: “Our aim is to create Scottish smoked salmon products where the flavour is enhanced.

“With our Tea Smoked Salmon we’re confident that we’ve achieved that.”

• Scotty Brand has added smoked salmon to its product range.

The fish is sourced from farms off the west coast of Scotland, the Hebrides and Shetland and is cured with salt and Demerara sugar and smoked over oak chips before being sliced and vacuum-packed.

The fish is long sliced, which means strips are cut along the whole length of the fillet.