Flavours of the season

Foster’s Radler now comes in Lime & Ginger flavour, as well as an alcohol-free
version. It’s also available in cans.

LAGER is following the trend set by cider and introducing a range of fruity varieties aimed at summer drinkers.

However, the new fruity beers have a significant difference – a low-ABV level. The beer firms reckon there’s a new group of beer drinkers, a market segment that some call “moderation”. Sales to beer fans who want to take it easy are currently worth £45m according to IRI, and growing at 62.4% year-on-year, says beer giant Heineken.
Martin Porter, managing director off-trade at Heineken UK, said: “We believe the moderation segment could represent as much as 5% of total cider and beer volumes in the UK within 10 years.”

Tennent’s new citrus variety, which is 2.8% ABV, is called Lemon T.

Heineken has added two new varieties to its Foster’s Radler portfolio. The company says that, since its debut last spring, the Cloudy Lemon variety (2% ABV) has sold 17m bottles. Now there is a Lime & Ginger flavour, and a 0.0% ABV version of the original Foster’s Radler. Radlers is now also available in 440ml cans.
Carlsberg UK’s recently released Carlsberg Blackcurrant (2.8% ABV), follows last year’s launch of Carlsberg Citrus. Listings include Londis, R&B Stores, Booker, Bestways, Batleys, Parfetts, Landmark and Todays.
There will be a £3m summer ad campaign to back the launch.

Carlsberg has added a Blackcurrant flavour.

Tennent Caledonian’s new fruit variety, Lemon T (2.8% ABV) is being marketed as a: “light lager with a refreshing lemon taste”, in an ad campaign starting in May. Paul Condron, marketing director of Tennent Caledonian Breweries said: “Research has shown us that almost two thirds of drinkers are open to low-alcohol options. We wanted to take advantage of that opportunity.”