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Tobacco Retailer of the Year - supported by Imperial Tobacco

The UK tobacco category continues to be a significant element of the Scottish retail mix. The average spend of a tobacco shopper is double the average shopper’s (£12.58 vs £6.05)*. In addition, we know that 43%* of baskets in a convenience store contain a tobacco product, and that, on a monthly basis, tobacco shoppers are contributing almost £63k* to an individual store - with over £13k* of this being on purchases other than tobacco. Therefore, tobacco remains a catalyst for impulse purchases from other categories, such as snacks and drinks.

* HIM! CTP Spring 2018 - Shopper Survey

Best New Store Award - supported by MacB

The best new store award recognises the best new-build c-stores (including transformations of buildings previously used for other purposes) and the best major refurbishments of c-stores in Scotland – a major refurbishment is a project that has changed all or the majority of an existing store and has introduced new fixtures and equipment.

Convenience stores in Scotland of any size that opened or re-launched between 1 October 2018 and 30 September 2019 are eligible to enter the Best New Store Award..

Food To Go Award

As shopper lifestyles get busier, food to go continues to grow, and a significant number of Scottish retailers are now discovering the size of the FTG opportunity.

This award will recognise a retailer who has taken food to go and turned it into a real talking point for their store, driving footfall and boosting basket spend.

Judges will be on the lookout for a retailer with a thorough understanding of the store’s clientele and an innovative offer that’s tailored to meet shoppers’ needs.

Independent Retailer of the Year - supported by Booker Group

The retail industry has changed considerably in recent years and many independent retailers now work in conjunction with symbol groups, food-to-go brands, fuel companies and more.

For this award we view an independent retailer as a business such as a c-store or forecourt store – operating up to three stores – where the owner is directly involved in the day-to-day operation and management of the store(s) and is, ultimately, the main decision maker. The store(s) may operate under their own name or under a symbol or fascia.

Booker Wholesale Booker Retail Partners

Family Business of the Year - supported by JET

Family is at the heart of many of the best retail businesses across Scotland, and whether it be a traditional grocer that’s served the local community for generations or a new venture that’s making great strides, there’s no question these stores offer something shoppers want and can’t get from corporate competitors.

This award will recognise a family-run operation that has successfully carved out its place in a competitive market place by demonstrating outstanding commitment to best practice across the board - a well-run business with values at its core, friendly staff, and which serves its community well. .

Best Soft Drinks Outlet of the Year - supported by Coca-Cola European Partners

Soft drinks are integral to modern convenience retailing operations due to the diverse range of shoppers they appeal to and relevance to different consumptions occasions.

Judges will be looking for stores that score highly on getting the range right, running impactful promotions and merchandising their soft drinks effectively.

Post Office Retailer of the Year - supported by Post Office

The modern post office franchise is designed to work in convenience stores, with an open-plan layout and a small counter that sits next to the retail till, and many Scottish retailers are taking up the opportunity to play their part in providing crucial services to customers and communities throughout the country.

Are you our Post Office Retailer of the Year?

Symbol Store of the Year - supported by Barr Soft Drinks

Running a symbol store is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, with agreed standards to implement as a manager while retaining individual ownership or accountability for the store.

Industry Achievement Award - supported by Republic Technologies

This is an award for an individual who has made his or her mark on Scotland’s independent trade, for the benefit of all. Scotland’s convenience retailing trade has undergone huge change in recent years and the near future promises much more of the same.

The most important influences on the trade are the people who play their part in it – as owners and entrepreneurs, managers and educators, activists and innovators.

Sustainability Champion - supported by TOMRA

Sustainability is now a key consideration for shoppers, affecting purchasing decisions and the reputations of brands and businesses across sectors. It’s also a key consideration for all forward thinking retailers, as sustainable practices help to safeguard our future both ecologically and economically. By taking steps to reduce carbon footprint, cut back on waste, and tackle litter, many of Scotland’s independent retailers play a valuable role in their community.

Scottish Grocer and TOMRA are seeking an innovative retail business that has taken concrete steps to boost its environmental credentials – a business fit to be crowned Sustainability Champion.

Philip Morris Ltd

The Innovation Award - supported by Philip Morris

The innovation award recognises that innovation is crucial to community retailing in Scotland and that the country has some remarkably innovative convenience retailers. The Innovation Award will be presented to a store, retailer or retailing company that has shown new thinking and/or imaginative application of existing best practice to improve the service offered to customers and improve commercial performance.

Convenience stores and convenience store companies in Scotland are eligible to enter the Innovation Award.

Confectionery Retailer of the Year - supported by Mars Wrigley

This award celebrates excellence in confectionery retailing and recognises the dedication of Scottish retailers to grow sales through display, siting and range. Mars Wrigley has a long-established reputation of helping retailers to grow their business by providing information on shopper behaviour and display advice, whilst investing in its iconic portfolio of leading brands.

The Entrepreneur Award - supported by JTI

Entrepreneurs see opportunities and follow them through. They have vision, show initiative and work with confidence. And they are the driving forces of virtually every industry.

Scottish Grocer and JTI are looking for an individual running a business or businesses in Scottish independent retailing who shows those qualities, who actively seeks new opportunities, works to achieve bold goals and delivers success.

Innovation in Impulse - supported by Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Impulse sales are a key contributor to any convenience store’s bottom line, giving retailers a chance to use their creativity and category knowledge to drive sales. For this award, Lucozade Ribena Suntory and Scottish Grocer are on the hunt for a retailer who takes an inventive approach that entices their customers and keep the tills ringing.

British American Tobacco

Community Retailer of the Year - supported by British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco & Scottish Grocer are looking for Scotland’s Community Retailer of the Year – a retail business that engages, empowers and supports their community, making an especially strong, effective contribution to its local area.

The key to success in this category comes from recognition that your store has made a significant mutually beneficial contribution to its local community.

Merchandising Award

Good merchandising helps to drive sales and increase footfall, as well as enhancing the consumer’s in-store experience and ultimately helping to drive retailers’ success.

This award recognises excellence in merchandising as well as creating a pleasant and welcoming in-store environment. A well-merchandised store will help shoppers find what they are looking for and help drive success for retailers.

Licensed Retailer of the Year - supported by Distell International

Beer, wines, spirits and other drinks play a major role in many Scottish local stores. However, drinks is a category that needs careful attention and care. We’re looking for a retailer who provides a great drinks service and who does so creatively and responsibly.

Are you our Licensed Retailer of the Year?

Vaping Retailer of the Year - supported by Liberty Flights

Vaping has been a runaway success for many Scottish convenience stores, as retailers tap into the high margin opportunity that this emerging category provides. And with more and more existing adult smokers making the switch to e-cigarettes, the category is only going to grow in importance for Scotland’s retailers. For this award, we’re on the hunt for a store that has built a reputation for vaping among its clientele, with the knowledge and choice to satisfy first-time purchasers and e-cigarette enthusiasts alike.

Employee of the Year - supported by Nisa Retail

Scottish Grocer and Nisa are on the hunt for the best staff member in Scotland. Staff are the lifeblood of any business. Without their skills, determination and quality, delivering business targets would be almost impossible. We know your staff provide something special and here is the chance to thank someone for their dedication, ideas and hard work. We want to hear why your employee is Scotland’s Employee of the Year.

Entry is open to staff members below the level of store manager.

We’d like nominators (store owners or managers) to give us:

• A short introduction to your nominee – including his or her full name, their role in the business and their history in the store.

• Your reasons for the nomination. Tell us what makes your employee special.

Judges visiting short-listed entrants will be looking for:

• Enthusiasm for the job, the business and the customers it serves.

• Examples of dedication and hard work.

• Excellent awareness and implementation of all responsible retailing requirements.

• A real interest in retail and in making the best of the business through key retailing skills and activities such as merchandising and customer service.

• Enthusiasm for self-improvement through training and development, and keenness to help others develop their skills.

• Evidence of ‘going the extra mile’ to make something work well.

• Evidence of a special relationship with the store’s customers.