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Scotytish Grocer Awards 2017



The Entrepreneur Award

Entrepreneurs see opportunities and follow them through. They have vision, show initiative and work with confidence. And they are the driving forces of virtually every industry.

Scottish Grocer and JTI are looking for an individual running a business or businesses in Scottish independent retailing who shows those qualities, who actively seeks new opportunities, works to achieve bold goals and delivers success.

Judges will be looking for:

• Market knowledge and consumer insight
The winner of the Entrepreneur award will have a thorough knowledge of the market they serve as a retailer. That will include a deep understanding of the preferences and requirements of regular customers, of market trends, responses to new product developments, responses to various promotional mechanics and more.

• Risk taking
A mature but forward-looking attitude to commercial risk is a characteristic of the best entrepreneurs. Our award winner will have been willing to invest and back their own judgement. They may have recently organised a major new project, or expanded an existing business, or developed new strands of commercial activity.

• Decision making
The winner of the Entrepreneur award will be able to make quick, effective decisions on complex issues, even under pressure. A clear leader, he/she will be an excellent judge of the abilities of others and a skilled delegator, they will be able to motivate colleagues and employees, and will communicate well with key professional advisors.

• Flexibility
The winner of the Entrepreneur award will have the ability to re-evaluate and respond to new opportunities and to difficulties that arise – during the development of projects, during launch activity and in the operation of a business.

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