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Merchandising Award

This award recognises excellence in merchandising as well as creating a pleasant and pleasing in-store environment. A well merchandised store will help shoppers find what they are looking for and help drive success for retailers.

As firm supporters of category management and high quality in-store merchandising, Mondelez will be looking for excellence in the following areas:

• Clear display: The winning retailer will have a diverse product range, ranked according to sales. Good display control ensures that lost sales and ‘out of stocks’ are minimised.

• Range clarity: A relatively small range of products in any category will account for a large proportion of sales. Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of your space is dedicated to best sellers. A clear and concise core range will deliver this.

• On-shelf fixture clarity: Group products together by sub-category. For example, standard versus premium products, but keeping brands together.

• Point of sale: Clear in-store display materials drive shoppers to secondary sites and can play a vital role in helping boost sales. Retailers who understand the complex dynamic of the average shopper, use point of sale extremely effectively and successfully.

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Good merchandising helps to drive sales and increase footfall, as well as enhancing the consumer’s in-store experience and ultimately helping to drive retailers’ success. Mondelez International is passionate about helping retailers to maximise their store’s potential through the practice of great retail merchandising principles.



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