Long drinks… lagers and RTDs

Long drinks… lagers and RTDs

48_aIF anyone wanted any evidence of how tough last year was in take-home for some of the countries biggest drinks brands he or she need look no further than our lager top 15.
In 2012 sales terms two thirds of the biggest-selling lagers are in the red. They achieved lower sales in 2012 that they did in 2011. In the top five we’re talking four out of five!
The top three –Tennent’s (which still dominates Scottish beer sales), Budweiser and Stella Artois – are down between 5% and 8%.
The big brand that bucked the trend in the Nielsen index was Foster’s which grew sales by 13% to consolidate its number-four position in the league and move clearly away from MGD in fifth place.
And Carlsberg, which showed modest growth of 3% jumped over Carling to take position six.
Other positive sales performances came from Peroni Nastro Azzuro, which increased by 6% and edged closer to £8m sales, and from Corona which jumped by 16% to move clearly ahead of a group of other foreign or foreign-heritage beers such as Kronenbourg 1664, Beck’s, and San Miguel – all of which lost sales.
In superstrength lagers Carlsberg Special put on 3% sales and moved ahead of Tennent’s Super, which dropped considerably.
In RTDs WKD retained its lead despite losing 10% worth of sales. In a pattern that mimicked lager most of the top sellers saw declines.
Interestingly Crabbies Ginger Beer, after explosive growth in 2011, fell back quite sharply in Scottish off-trade in 2012. That may have been partly to do with a number of competitor alcoholic ginger products being launched or it could have been simply very difficult to retain the momentum of a remarkably successful launch phase.
Below the top four or five RTD brands there are a number of products that actually showed some decent growth last year.
The standout trend is that ready-mixed versions of classic spirits and mixer drinks were clearly increasingly popular. As more entertaining moves to the home it looks as if convenient take-home versions of pub drinks are hitting the mark.

Lagers: top 15 – on moving annual total sales at week ending 05.01.13


RTDs: top 15 – on moving annual total sales at week ending 05.01.13