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Friday, June 25, 2021
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Single-use e-cigs

Vape brand Dinner Lady has launched a new disposable vape pen
JTI heated tobacco

Category heating up

Reporting a jump of 270% sales in the category in the previous 12 months, JTI has entered the UK heated tobacco market.
Juul menthols

Menthol for the masses

Vaping brand Juul has launched a new menthol flavoured pod.
Logic compact

Five new flavours

JTI has expanded its Logic Compact range with the roll out of five new flavour pods.
Vape Dinner lady disposable devices

A broad range is worth the effort

Vape Dinner Lady on vaping success in convenience
VPZ Swansea

VPZ eyes expansion

Seven-figure investment planned for brand
Logic compact

Time for c-stores to up their game

Growth figures point to untapped potential

Great start for BAT brand

The new decade got off to a strong start for vaping brand Vype.
Blu retailer

Training is key to category success

Brands agree: knowledge vital to vaping customers

Vaping can soar in store

As more and more adult smokers make the switch, opportunities open up for convenience retailers
Juul at United Wholesale

Juul expands its retail reach

Scottish retailers can now get their hands on Juul vaping products across United Wholesale Scotland’s depots
Blue Retailer

Training is key to category success

Brands agree: knowledge vital to vaping customers
THC vape

Health body is studying vape harm

Vaping made headlines for all the wrong reasons towards the end of 2019.
Aquavape s4 dual

Aquavape has big ambitions

Vaping brand Aquavape has big ambitions for 2020, with the goal of expanding its footprint across the UK.
Juul products

Headroom still there in vaping

Multiples are growing at a faster rate
Dinner Lady flavours

Flavours for dinner

Vape Dinner Lady has expanded its range with the launch of two new e-liquids.