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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Riso’s grains of hope

Italian rice miller Riso Gallo is turning consumers’ attention to sustainability with its latest TV campaign

TV push for German biscuit brand

German biscuit brand Bahlsen Choco Leibniz will be appearing on TV screens over the next few weeks to promote its new packaging design

Old El Paso launches limited edition

Old El Paso is hoping to introduce consumers to new flavours and tastes of Mexican street food with the launch of a new fajita kit

Meal kits roaring onto shelf

East Asian food brand Tiger Tiger has launched a range of free-from noodle kits
Amigos beer

Going global in the beer chiller

Adventurous beer shoppers are improving the fortunes of international imports, according to sales data provided by Global Brands.
Old El Paso Smoky BBQ

Lets taco bout Mexican food

As diners become increasingly adventurous, Mexican meals like fajitas and enchiladas are becoming a more common sight in Scottish homes.
Kokkoman Ponzu Lemon and Teriyaki marinade

Japanese flavour in a bottle

GLOBAL soy sauce brand Kikkoman has stepped up its NPD game, introducing more Japanese flavour to the UK market.
Tilda Lime Coriander and Pure Basmati rice

Rice is in a nice position

RICE is big business in the UK and it could get even bigger as more and more shoppers embrace global cuisine at home
Old El Paso talking tacos

Filling up on talking tacos

GOOD dinner conversation can make or break a meal, but what happens when the tortillas do the talking?

Diverse drinks demand

THE UK is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, says James Logan, commercial director at Refresco UK. And he says that...

Healthy demand for quinoa

NEW cuisines to look out for are Hawaiian, Scandinavian and plant-based, according to Merchant Gourmet. It also said that, with sales of quinoa growing in...

Authentic delight from Turkey

AS a result of consumers travelling more, they have become more adventurous with food and drink, says Zeynap Turudi of Truede. That, she says, means...

The world on your plate

Rice is a key ingredient in world food because it is used  in so many different global cuisines, from middle eastern and Indian to...

Polish food grows in UK

DEMAND for Polish food in the UK has been growing at a double-digit rate for a number of years and recorded 15% growth in...

Yanks for sharing

It’s US Independence Day next month and there are now many American treats available in the UK AMERICAN confectionery has been growing in popularity in...

Relish the Stateside opportunities

AS the world food market has opened up, people have become more adventurous and are no longer content with standard tomato ketchup or mayonnaise...

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