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Friday, September 17, 2021
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The Vegetarian Butcher Little Willies and What the Cluck range

One billion plant target

FMCG giant Unilever has thrown its weight behind plant-based meat and dairy alternatives
Fake steak and ale pie from Delice de France

Fake steak pie

Delice de France has started off 2020 with the launch of the vegan ‘Fake & Ale’ and Saag Mangalore Square Pies
Feta the Better and Urban Eat sandwiches

New year, more vegans

PACKED sandwich maker Adelie Foods has doubled the size of its vegan range
Quorn poppers

Popping up again

Quorn Southern Fried Poppers is a ready to eat snack that consists of vegetarian chicken in southern fried breadcrumb coating
Yoplait zero sugar yogurt

No added sugar arrives

Yogurt brand Yoplait has launched a new no added sugar product: Yoplait Zero.
Dr Oetker lactose free pizza

Mamma mia! Lactose free

Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella is topped with lactose-free mozzarella and Edam cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes, basil and Ristorante’s signature tomato sauce
Marco Bertacc new chief executive at Quorn foods

New boss has big ambitions

Meat alternative brand Quorn Foods has appointed a new chief executive, as demand for vegetarian options grows at pace
Dairy free spread on toast

Free from far more than just a trend

Figures show category still thriving in Scottish stores
Ristorante lactose free pizza

Mamma Mia! Lactose-free pizza

Being lactose-intolerant would usually mean that frozen pizzas were firmly off-limits.
Flora Original 500g tub

Dairy-free diets here to stay according to Flora brand owner Upfield

It’s more than a flash in the pan
Quorn ultimate burgers

Even more meat free

More than half of all UK consumers say they are reducing their meat intake according to Quorn, suggesting that there is an opportunity to further grow sales of meat alternatives.

Seafood dish without a fish

Vegan brand Loma Linda has launched what it calls the UK’s first fish free tuna

Gluten free is going mainstream

Only 1% of gluten free shoppers do it for health

Free from meat but full of profit

Quorn widening appeal with PMPs

Out is in for 2019

Research found that sustainable packaging, gut-friendly foods and sugar-free will feature prominently in 2019

Free from sugar but full of opportunities

Sugar-free soft drinks are performing well in Scotland, with growth continuing at pace

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