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Friday, September 17, 2021
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Consumers will turn to c-stores

Getting ready for a winter like no other
Halls Proactive

Preparing for a busy flu season

Winter is coming and with it a host of seasonal ailments that – perhaps this year more than ever – consumers will be looking to avoid.

Soothing new pack for Halls

PMPs and redesign for brand

Winter bugs are coming into season

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is hitting the road this month, with van sales drivers expected to visit 5,000 independent stores
Vaseline Mirror Mirror Lip Tin

Fairy tale for lips

UNILEVER has launched a new limited edition for lip tin brand Vaseline, to capitalise on winter sales.
Olbas Nasal Spray

Not to be sniffed at

OLBAS has introduced a fast-acting nasal spray that it says works within just two minutes.

Taking care of your shoppers

According to research from PAGB 92% of consumers in Scotland would be prepared to purchase over-the-counter remedies for treatable illnesses

A place on the shop floor

Sweets that soothe market hits £105m as firms get set for medicated confectionery’s hottest months of the year OFFERING comfort to those afflicted by winter...

A place on the shop floor

Is there really a cold and flu season in winter? Well, opinions vary. It looks as if colds may well have similar incidences across...

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