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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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VK PMP range

Marked bottles boosting sales

Retailers looking to springboard off RTD's popularity with young adult consumers, adding PMPs into the premix might be well worth investigating.

Student scran

Young adults on a limited budget can be keen bargain hunters when purchasing fuel for studying – or partying .

Share in social media success

Global Brands' brightly patterned designs are to encourage consumers to share pictures of their drink on social media .

Quick and easy for the youth

Young adults “love” convenience, according to snack brand Symington’s .

Understanding changing tastes

Appealing to a health conscious youth .
Naked Noodle range

Millenials want it in an instant

BECAUSE they live and breathe social media, young adults demand instant gratification, says Mike Benton, head of snacking at Symington’s, the company behind Mug Shot, Naked Noodle and Naked Rice

Light beer shows it has bottle

RESPONDING to research that revealed that 43% of UK beer drinkers only drink bottled beer, AB InBev has unveiled a  bottle format for Bud Light
Magners festival

Irish cider goes global

BRITISH festivals will have a distinct flavour of Magners Irish Cider this summer after the brand signed a partnership agreement with media and entertainment firm Global
Westons Rosie cans

Rolling in raspberry clouds

CIDER brand Westons has extended its Rosie’s Pig range with the addition of a Raspberry Roller flavour
POT Noodle

Pots going tomatoey

POT Noodle has added  a Tomatoey Mozzarella variety to its Pot Pasta range
Rustlers Breakfast Muffin

Rustling up a breakfast

MICROWAVE snack brand  Rustlers is rolling out its new All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin from this  month

Tropical fruit for students

SHS Drinks extends RTD range with launch of WKD Mango Crush

Study up on latest flavours

RTDs are becoming increasingly popular with young adults and are now worth £225m in the off-trade, says Global Brands. The company owns a full portfolio...

Committed to 100% growth

Going gourmet in pursuit of 2020 target MICROWAVABLE food-to-go burger brand Rustlers has reinforced its commitment to doubling sales in convenience by 2020 with the...

Veg options offer opportunities

Retailers looking to snap up food-to-go sales from young adult consumers would be wise to consider vegetarian options, Adelie Foods has suggested, highlighting Vegetarian...

Take two with tequila

BREWING giant Heineken UK has extended its range of spirit-flavoured beers with the introduction of Desperados Dos – a higher ABV beer built for...

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