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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Heineken green grip

Multipack plastic in the bin

Heineken has launched new plastic-free multipack packaging across UK supermarkets.
Can and 3 botttles heineken

Licensed to chill

HEINEKEN has launched a limited edition range of James Bond-branded packaging to mark the release of No Time To Die next month.

French flavour for the season

Heineken launches festive bottles

Return of the lager lovelies

TENNENT’S Lager has partnered with one of Scotland’s best-loved sitcoms, Still Game, to add two more well-known faces to the list of Tennent’s Lager Lovelies.

First sip on screen

AHEAD of summer 2016, Guinness has launched a TV ad to promote Hop House 13 Lager, the latest product in its Brewers Project series. The...

Lager brand says if the suit fits…

FANCY a career you can wear? Would you like to have a special experience to brighten up a daydreaming life? The latest on-pack promo and...

Bottles return

TENNENT’S Lager has dipped into its past to celebrate 130 years of brewing. It has launched limited-edition bottles with a 1980s look. And the...

Beer leader primes the party season

CHRISTMAS is a particularly busy time for retailers, wholesalers and everyone else involved in the convenience channel and Tennent Caledonian Breweries, Scotland’s biggest brewer...

Sharing super

THE big night in means family and friends can afford to enjoy a good night more frequently and it’s as fashionable as ever, reckons...

Super flies into gold spot

SCOTTISH lager brand Kestrel picked up two medals at this year’s Monde Selection awards including gold for Kestrel Super Premium. Kestrel has been owned by...
Innis & Gunn

Scotland’s most valuable off-trade beer brands

Beer holds up DOES beer form the bedrock of Scottish off-trade sales? It did at one time but those days have gone. Last year wasn’t...

Adding times for T

LAST year was a big year for Scotland and it was a pretty busy time also for the country’s biggest beer brand Tennent’s Lager,...
Kestrel, lager

Flying wider

THE phased return of a full range of Kestrel lagers continues with 4% and 5% Scottish brewed Kestrel adding a series of supermarket listings...

Convenience retail’s sporting chance

SPORT has heavily influenced the big-night in scene in recent times with the World Cup and Commonwealth Games, says Kestrel Lager distributor Brookfield Drinks. As...

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