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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Driving impulse with oral hygiene

Changing habits could be good for c-stores

Phelps and Colgate on a water saving crusade

Sinking wastage with Colgate's “Save Water” initiative
GSK oral care range

Brush up range for fresh sales

CONSUMERS believe they won’t find a wide range of oral care products in their local c-store, according to research by Aquafresh and Sensodyne brand owner GSK
Starburst chewing gum

Three chews a day to fight decay

MARS Wrigley has been promoting the oral health benefits of its chewing gum range

Fixing for a larger pack size

DENTURE brand Poligrip has launched its Flavour Free Fixative Cream in a larger format in the UK following success for the bigger pack size...

Two hours of fresh breath

TWO hours of fresh breath guaranteed is the claim that accompanies the latest release from Smint. Smint Clean Breath is said to contain ingredients that...

A breath of fresh care

Hygiene a driving force for impulse sales RETAILERS looking to sink their teeth into some increased impulse sales would do well to reassess their chewing...

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