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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Men spend as much cash and more time on grooming than women and many now own hair dryers and hair straighteners according to surveys carried out for online grooming products and services sites.

Men fall in love with the mirror – Male grooming

MOISTURISER. Hair gel. Hair straighteners. All part of a woman’s regular grooming kit, right? Wrong. According to a new survey from socked.co.uk, 36% of chaps...

Stay ahead in hair care

SHAMPOO and conditioner have remained a necessity while shoppers have cut back on other items in tough economic times according to Nicola Bradbury of...

Maximum opportunity

SURE Women has launched two new antiperspirants in its Maximum Protection range. And brand owner Unilever reckons sport and stress will provide opportunities to realise...
P&G’s www.shelfhelp.co.uk provides c-store retailers with expert merchandising advice in health and beauty and other categories

Razors giant provides one for all

FOR some men shaving may be a daily task, maybe even a chore – part of the basic grooming activity that ensures they look...

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