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Sunday, September 26, 2021
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A sweet celebration

Toffee firm marks 125 years .
Swizzels squashies

Prizes on offer in summer push

During a summer of high profile sports contests, Squashies is having its own Squashathon.

A taste of the traditional

When it comes to trends in sugar confectionery, well-established brands continue to be key to the category, according to Gillian Clarke, senior brand manager...

Game on

SKITTLES and Starburst brand owner Wrigley says people continue to spend less time and money on evenings out and instead stay at home for...
Swizzels Matlow

Sharing sweets retailing tips from Swizzels Matlow

• One of the most popular places for eating sweets is in front of the TV, especially on Saturday nights. Stock up and face...

Sharing in lower sugar

Bagged confectionery has been an undeniable success story, with bags growing by £12m in the last year .

Stock shares

Dedicated display areas to classic Big Night In products and catch the customer’s eye EVENING snacking in the UK is worth £5.2bn and growing and...
Swizzels sweets

Price-mark for classic sweets

New £1 PMP for confectionery classics
M&Ms Mix

M&M’s mix it up for new limited edition

M&M’s is adding to its portfolio of products with a new limited edition sharing pack - M&Ms Mix. The new offering from Mars Chocolate UK...

Not hanging for very long

Shoppers snapping up bagged confectionery at a rapid rate

Bags more in sweet choice

STRESSING the importance of the £1 price point, Wrigley has added four more bags to its price-marked range. Dan Newell, onfections marketing manager said: “Consumers...

Wham bar in a bag

CANDYLAND has launched a new version of its Wham bar. Wham Super Sour Minis come in a 200g sharing bag and are miniature, sour versions...
Adeil Hussain, Chris Cobb, Harry Singh

Bags of choice for every taste

Bagged confectionery has become an important part of the store for many retailers and appeals to a broad range of shoppers from children looking for a quick treat to adults planning a night in front of the TV. We spoke to some prominent Scottish retailers to get a picture of what is happening in the category.

Bag options for launch lines

THE pouch format is now so popular that new confectionery varieties are being introduced as count lines and sharing bags at the same time....

Bags bursting with berrys

STARBURST parent firm Wrigley has a fruity proposition for the bagged confectionery category, having recently launched new Very Berry variants of the fruit chew...

Re-designing the Original

COLOUR coding and bolder names are part of a packing makeover for toffee and caramel brand Werther’s Original. The re-coloured village design will now be...

AG Barr Popover Sept/Oct 21