Bread & Bakery Retailer of the Year

Scottish Grocer Awards 2014

Bread & Bakery Retailer of the Year

Bread is one of the nation’s favourite foods – purchased by 99.9% of the population each
year*. As such, bread is the second most popular reason for visiting a convenience store** –
and once there, bread shoppers generate 64%*** more than the average shopper – making the
category vital for retailers. However, despite its essential role, many retailers are not effectively
merchandising the category to capitalise on this demand from shoppers.
This award therefore recognises retailers who understand the importance of keeping the
bread and bakery section well-stocked, with the right varieties and at the time when their
shoppers need it – they understand the value of the bread category and how getting it right is

What the judges will want to know:
• Does the store ensure bread and bakery products are available throughout the day – a key consumer requirement?
• Is the catergory focused on a core range of best selling bakery products?
• Are all bakery shopper requirements catered for – bread, rolls, and favourite bakery snacks?
• Is the category merchandised by “type”? All white bread 800g, Wholemeal 800g, bakery favourites etc should be
merchandised together, rather than having the fixture split by brand.
• Are products always merchandised “side-on” so shoppers can easily find their favourite brand or products?
• Is the bread and bakery area clearly visible with eye-catching signage?
• Does the signage clearly indicate where different types of bread and rolls are to be found, and which products are on special offer?
• Are staff knowledgeable about the bakery section?
• Is the fixture kept well stocked and well maintained throughout the day?
• Is the fixture clean, hygienic and brightly lit?

*Source: Kantar WP w/e 25.11.12, **Source: HIM! CTP 2012, ***Source: HIM! CTP 2012

Allied BakeriesAllied Bakeries is proud to sponsor Scottish Grocer’s Bread and Bakery Retailer of the Year award.
Allied Bakeries is the number two supplier of branded plant (wrapped, sliced) bread* in the UK and owners of bakery brands, Allinson, Burgen, Sunblest and Kingsmill – the 7th biggest grocery brand in the UK**.

*Source: Nielsen Scantrack Impulse 52 w/e 16.02.13*skus >10 AC Wtd Distribution
**Source: The Grocer, 150 Biggest Brands 2013

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